KY-330DM Stacking Machine

Machine size 500mm(L)*850mm(W)*1250mm(H)
PCB board size 50*50-400*350mm
PCB maximum capacity 400 pieces (0.6mm circuit board)


  1. Suitable for SMT production line front section, the stack of bare board through the way of automatic drop into the back-end equipment, with automatic board function can be used in conjunction with the board machine, can also be used as a pushing board receiver control system using PLC control, the operating interface using touch screen.
  2. The boarding method adopts push knife to push the board/automatic drop method.
  3. Can stack PCB 200-300 pieces.
  4. Stacking knife can be adjusted according to the thickness of the PCB.
  5. Equipped with standard SMEMA signal port, can be connected with any other equipment online.
Item KY-330DM KY-460DM
PCB maximum capacity 400 pieces (0.6mm circuit board)
PCB entry time About 12s, settable
Power supply AV220V/110V, single-phase
Power Max: 300A
Air pressure 4-6bar, max: 30L/min
Transmission height 900±20, settable
Transfer direction R→L or L→R
PCB board size 50*50-400*350mm 50*50-530*460mm
Machine weight 150KG 170KG
Machine size 500mm(L)*850mm(W)*1250mm(H) 600mm(L)*960mm(W)*1350mm(H)

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