KY-280 Printing Plate Surface Cleaning Machine

Machine size 600mm(L) *700mm(W)*1265mm(H)
PCB board size (100*50) – (330*250)mm
PCB thickness 0.6-2mm
Conveying height 900±20mm(adjustable)

Mainly used in Printed Circuit Boards,Optoelectronic displays,Precision Screen Printing.

  1. For PCB cleaning, dust removal, static removal, built-in sticky dust paper separation.
  2. Brush + sticky dust roller double cleaning, strong ability to remove dirt.
  3. Static removal device with a net electrical value of 100V or less.
  4. Stable and slippery transfer device to prevent creasing and rolling up.
  5. Dust rollers replacement cycle setting function.
  6. Counter function and CNC speed display function.
  7. Stable and balanced width adjustment device.
  8. Small footprint.
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