KY-250TC SMT Parallel Transfer Machine

Machine size 1750mm(L)*500mm(W)*1250mm(H)
Process lane Single track
PCB size 50*50-450*350mm
PCB width 50-330mm
PCB thickness 0.4-3.0mm


  1. 1. The connection of single-rail equipment and double-rail equipment in SMT production line to achieve the function of two in one/two in
  2. U-shaped production line / two-in-one production line, changing the direction of PCB transfer by shifting the load.
  3. Customized double track single head/single track double head/extended transfer mechanism and Mitsubishi PLC control according to actual needs.
  4. PLC control system, touch screen operator interface with standard SMEMA signal port.
  5. Servo motor transfer structure / speed can be set arbitrarily.
Item KY-250TC KY-460TC KY-460TC2
Power 500W
Stroke 0.5M-1.25M
Tempo 7-15s
PCB width 50-330mm
PCB thickness 0.4-3.0mm
Process lane Single track Single track Double track
PCB size 50*50-450*350mm 50*50-450*350mm 50*50-450*350mm
Machine weight 240KG 270KG 320KG
Machine size 1750mm(L)*500mm(W)*1250mm(H) can be customized(L)*500mm(W)*1250mm(H) can be customized(L)*500mm(W)*1250mm(H)

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