1. The large format worktable can weld products of different sizes according to the actual production demand of products, and install multiple sets of fix­tures, which is convenient and flexible.
  2. The welding seam is fine, the depth is large, the taper is small, and the pre­cision is high.
  3. The appearance is smooth, flat and beautiful.
  4. The perfect combination of high-definition coaxial vision CCD system and linear light source focusing system makes the programming of welding line reading easier and more convenient.

APPLICABLE FIELD: It is widely used in the welding of water pipe joint, reducer joint, tee, valve, lithium battery, battery group, electrode, stainless steel, titanium alloy, eye­glasses buckle, outer frame, impeller, kettle, water cup, wine pot, stainless steel bowl, sensor, diode, aluminum alloy, cell phone battery, door handle, mixer, shelf, etc, complex stamping parts, copper parts, aluminum parts and casting parts.


model LS-HJ-


000/8000/1 oooow

laser power 1000/1500/3000/4000/5000/6

000/8000/1 OOOOW

Laser output stability ±2%
facula (P0.2mm
Laser wavelength 1070~1080nm
Welding range Customizable
Fiber diameter 100 pm,multimode
Cooling mode water-cooling

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