1. Narrow cutting gap, can cut out a smaller gap and get clear graphics, can get a smaller part layout gap, so as to save material costs. Without the limita­tion of cutting workpiece, laser beam has unlimited ability of copying and cutting. Combined with computer, it can arrange in order and save material and processing time.
  2. Compared with traditional stamping machine, laser can process products without mould; Compared with CNC punch, it does not need the installa­tion, adjustment, replacement, maintenance, grinding and other work of die, greatly reducing the cost of die procurement, production, maintenance, management, scrap and process; Compared with mold and CNC punch, the thickness of laser processing material is obviously larger than the former, so users can get a wider range of products.
  3. The processed products have no mechanical deformation, and the ap­pearance is better than the mold processing.

APPLICABLE FIELD: It can be used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials, and widely used in jewelry design, automobile manufactur¬ing, electronic industry, medical equipment and other fields.

model LS-GQQG
control mode X-YZB axis control (control the number of axes at the same time, 4 axes)
Rapid feed rate (linkage) X/Y axis: 0~150m/min
Rapid feed rate (single axis) X/Y axis: 120m/min

Z axis: 80m/min

Maximum workpiece weight 900Kg
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
Minimum setting unit 0.001mm
Axis movement mode X • Y • Z • b axis: servo motor
Auxiliary gas switching device Automatic conversion
Machining surface height 750mm
Machine weight 10.0t
Power Supply AV 3-phase 380V -15 ~ + 10% 50/60Hz 60kVA

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