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What is the way to deal with wave soldering failure?

In wave soldering, we often encounter the appearance of defective welding products. Most feedback is directly related to traffic. During wave soldering, the required materials are solder rod and flux. As long as the solder bar reaches the melting working temperature, the flux needs to be adjusted in the equipment room. Poor flux welding does not mean flux problem. Flux flux flux nozzle flow, heat exposure temperature settings and speed through PCB directly affect welding quality.

1. The preheating temperature of automatic wave soldering decreases rapidly
Troubleshooting: First, the temperature of a single preheating zone drops, which may lead to the breakage of the heating wire; Second, the temperature of all preheating areas drops, and the temperature of the tin furnace also drops. Check whether the over-current protection switch in the electric box trips. If there is a trip, please turn off the power supply, then turn on the switch, and then start; Third, check the machine. Check whether the output of the power contactor of the device is out of phase. If the input is not out of phase and the output is out of phase, it may be that the circuit at the output end is not tightened or the contactor is disconnected.

2. Automatic wave soldering preheating and continuous heating
Troubleshooting: Turn off preheating or directly heat after preheating. This must be a solid state temperature control problem. Measure A1 and A2 with multimeter in case of power failure. If there is a short circuit, it can be determined that the temperature control solid state is damaged. In general, the temperature control solid state is connected when sending a signal and disconnected when not sending a signal. Do not measure the short circuit directly when connecting the power supply. Measure the voltage between the solid state point A2 and the grounding when the power is on. If the green indicator on the solid state is not lit and there is a 220V power supply, the temperature controlled solid state may be damaged. To change the temperature controlled solid state, attention must be paid to the application of heat dissipation silica gel.

3. Automatic lifting of wave soldering furnace
Troubleshooting: Confirm whether the tin in the automatic wave soldering furnace is completely melted. If tin is welded to the bottom plate of the girder, do not lower or raise the furnace to avoid damaging the bottom plate. Secondly, confirm whether the tin furnace lifting limit switch is normal and whether the tin furnace feeding limit switch is normal. If the tin furnace is not in place, it cannot be hoisted. Check whether the relay corresponding to the limit switch is normal. If the lower limit switch is pressed, the corresponding relay will turn on the green indicator. When the limit switch is pressed, wait for the tin furnace to rise. When the lower limit switch is pressed, the tin furnace will not descend. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether both switches are open.

4. Frequent tripping of automatic wave soldering furnace
Troubleshooting: The wave soldering furnace often trips. Check whether the short circuit trip is caused by aging of wave soldering furnace heating tube. Otherwise, check whether the wave soldering motor trips due to excessive load. Check whether the wave soldering air switch has the above two problems. If the temperature limit set by the wave soldering temperature controller is incorrect, reset the temperature limit of the wave soldering temperature controller.

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