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What is the solution to the problem of excessive oxidation of soldering slag?

The reason for the excessive oxidation of solder slag in wave soldering was mentioned before. Now we will introduce the solution to wave soldering. The main reason for the large amount of welding slag produced by wave soldering is that the impurity content in wave soldering exceeds the standard, resulting in a large amount of welding slag. The main reason of welding slag produced by wave soldering is that excessive impurities in wave soldering and improper operation lead to the production of semi oxide slag.

1. Check the tin slag, check whether there is quantitative tin slag before the tin furnace starts and operates, and timely clean up the tin slag left before the last work, especially the wave motor area and wave current crossing area.

2. Check the amount of tin in the tin furnace. When the wave stops, the amount of tin in the furnace shall be within 0.5-1cm from the furnace surface. If the amount of tin is small, the contact area with air is large, the oxidation probability is large, the wave drop drop is large, and the impact force of liquid tin is large, while the torrent rolls, more tin slag will be formed! It is recommended to add the tin bar to the tin furnace immediately.

3. Check the temperature of the tin furnace. When the working temperature is low, hot tin flows back to the furnace from the nozzle, which is easy to form a temporary accumulation of non molten materials. It is recommended that the user increase the working temperature of the tin furnace to the allowable range of the product.

4. It is recommended that the operator slag regularly before daily operation. When slagging, do not walk, increase the furnace temperature by about 10 ℃ (actual temperature), and then slagging. In the slagging process, a small amount of reducing powder is used to accelerate the separation of tin slag, which can significantly reduce the amount of slag.

If wave soldering is normal, there are many reasons for the sudden occurrence of tin slag:
1. The heating tube of the tin furnace is burnt out, resulting in insufficient heating, uneven heating, and increased tin slag;

2. Check whether the composition of tin bar and tin stock in the tin furnace exceeds the standard. There are many reasons for the occurrence of Wuxi slag.

3. Check the difference between the control and the previous control. Most of them are partial oxidation of tin furnace.

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