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What are the main requirements for energy-saving reflow soldering?

In the daily use of energy-saving reflow soldering, it is necessary to check whether the operating voltage of the equipment is normal before starting. If there is enough time, you need to check the consistency of various parameter information. Scientific use can extend its service life, especially for welding consumables, such as conveyor belts, drive roller chains, regular lubrication, regular dust removal, etc.; Daily use should be carried out in strict accordance with its use specifications to avoid violations. kyoone will introduce some considerations for energy-saving reflow soldering in daily use. Performance requirements for reflow soldering equipment.

Several issues in the daily use of energy-saving reflow soldering machines:

1. Ensuring a safe environment for use (environment must be clean)
In many factories that use high quality energy saving reflow soldering, there are many factories that do not strictly enforce reflow soldering standards. It is understood that this high-tech product must work in a clean environment, which is the most important factor in ensuring the service life of the welder. In general, it is not allowed to use or store the machine in the open air or in a humid or extremely high temperature environment, which will seriously damage the service life of the machine.

2. The machine must run stable
Before starting energy saving reflow soldering, the working floor must be checked for levelness. This machine cannot be used when the floor is inclined. If it is not level, it may cause large displacement of the PCB or other dangerous situations during the transfer process.

3. Avoid scalding
Senior electrical experts remind: when using this professional energy-saving reflow soldering, ensure that the transmission network chain does not fall off from the upper and lower rollers, especially when operating, pay attention to the high temperature points and avoid direct contact with body parts to prevent burns. In addition, in the pre-installation of energy-saving reflow soldering, should choose a suitable location, shall not be installed in the vicinity of electromagnetic interference sources.

These are some of the precautions for energy-saving reflow soldering in daily use. In addition, we would like to remind you that when checking the machine and equipment, be sure to turn off the power supply to avoid leakage or short circuit causing electric shock and danger. Try not to move the machine frequently or use it in a high vibration environment, which may also make the internal parts of the machine move in the wrong place and reduce the service life to some extent.

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