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  • X-ray detection equipment S-7000
  • X-ray detection equipment S-7000
X-ray detection equipment S-7000 X-ray detection equipment S-7000

X-ray detection equipment S-7000

 S-7000 x-ray detection equipment with high definition flat panel detectors for LED and semiconductor package !!!

Core Advantage:
The two main components of X-RAY are:X-ray source and detector.
The X-ray source is Japanese HAMAMATSU, and the detector is an Iray ultra-high-definition digital flat--panel detector.
HAMAMATSU Japan Hamamatsu Photonics Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Hamamatsu Group), established in 1953, is an optical science and optical industry company with the highest level of technology and the largest market share in the world. The neutrino experiment by Professor Masatoshi Koshiba of the University of Tokyo using 1120020-inch photomultiplier tubes from the Hamamatsu Group won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2002. Hamamatsu Group's products are widely used in medical biology, high-energy physics, space exploration, precision analysis and other industrial fields, and it is a leader in the optical industry.HAMAMATSU'sX-ray source is currently the world's longest life, best stability, best imaging effect, and the service life can reach 12-15 years.


Product features:
1. The product is suitable for electronics manufacturing, semiconductors,microwave devices,LEDs, connectors, etc.
2. High-definition detection images, which can detect product misalignment, continuous tin, virtual solder, air bubbles, etc.
3. Using Hamamatsu 90 KV 15μm light tube, maintenance-free and long life.
4. With CNC function, it can automatically detect and judge NG,PASS,OR.
5. Adopt digital high-definition flat panel detector.
6.4-axis linkage control system.