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PCB Printer

PCB Printer

1.Mchine Performance
Repeat Position Accuracy:±12.5μ[email protected]α CPK2.0
Print Accuracy±22μ[email protected]α CPK2.0
NCP-CT (without cleaning and printing)7s
HCP-CT (with cleaning and printing)18s/pcs
Process CT4min
Transfer Line CT2min
2.Substrate processing parameters
Maximum board size: 400*340mm (expandable): 530*340mm (optional)
Minimum board size: 50*50mm
Board thickness: 0.4-6mm
Cemera Mechanical range: 528*340mm
Maximum board weight: 4kg
Board edge clearance: 2.5mm
Board height: 15mm beyond the special top pin
Transport speed: 900±40mm
(Max.) Transport speed: Segment control, 1500mm/s (Max.)
Transport method: One stage
Transport direction: Left to right/ Right to left/ In and out the same
Support System: Magnetic Pin/ Support Block /Manual Up-down table
Board clamp: Manual the top clamping/ Side clamping
3.Printing Parameters
Print speed: 10-200mm/set
Print pressure: 0.5-10kg
Print Mode: One/ twice
Queegee type: Rubber/ Squeeage Blade(angle 45/55/60)
Snap-off: 0-22mm
Snap-speed: 0-20mm/set
The template frame size: 470*370mm-737*737mm( Thickness20-40mm)
Positioning mode of steel mesh: Automatic Y-direction positioning
4.Cleaning Parameters
Cleaning method: Dry,wet,vacuum threee modes
Cleaning system: Up drip type
Cleaning stroke: Automatic generation
Cleaning position: Post cleaning
Cleaning Speed: 10-200mm/set
Cleaning fluid consumption: Auto&Manually adjustable
Cleaning consumption: Auto&Manually adjustable
5.Vision Parameters
CCD FOV: 10*8mm
Camera type :130 thousand CCD digital camera
Camera System: Lock up/down optics structure
Camera Cycle time: 150ms
Fiducial mark types: Standard fiducial mark shape/ round,square,diamond,cross/ pad and profile
Mark size: 0.1-6mm
Mark number: Max 4pcs
Stay away number: Max 1pcs
6.Machine parameter
The Power Source: AC:220 ±10%, 50/60Hz  2.2KW
Air Pressure:4-6Kgf/cm²
Air Consumption: about 5L/min
Operating Temperature: -20 to +45
Working environment humidity: 30%-60%
Machine dimension (without Tower light): 1460(H)mm
Machine Length: 1380(L)mm
Machinew Width: 1150(W)mm
Machine Weight Approx: about 900kg
Equipment load bearing requirements: 650kg/m³