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  • 10-120kVA Intelligent UPS
10-120kVA Intelligent UPS

10-120kVA Intelligent UPS

1.Product introduction:

1.Output isolation transformer as standard, allowing 100% unbalance of three-phase negatives.

2.High reliabla digital processing technology of DSP.

3.Intrlligent an machine interface and powerful system protection function.

Power range: 10-120KVA

Third certification: Tyre,Anti-seismic,energy conservation,CE.

Product model:KY8910,KY8915,KY8920,KY8930,KY8940,KY8960,KY8980,KY89100,KY89120

2.Product technical parameters:

①System index:

System range: online mode:≥93%,ECO mode:≥98%

Switching time:0ms

Macimum number of paraller machines: 6 machines

Protection function : output short circuit protect,over load protection,over-temperature  protection,low voltage battery protection,output overvoltage and undervoltage protection,Fan failure protection,etc.

Communication interface:standar:RS232,RS485;selection:SNMP card,temperture compensation accessories

Dispaly:5.7-inch LED dispaly screen

②Work environment:

Operating temperature:0-40℃

Storage temperature:-25℃-55℃(no batteries)

Relative humidity:0%-95%(no condensation)

High:altitude≤1000m,over 1000m,derating 1% for every 100m

Protection level:IP20

Noise:<65dB (one meter from the equipment)

③Input index:

Input phase number:Three phase five wire(3Φ+N+PE)

Input voltage:380 Vac/400 Vac/415 Vac±25%

Input frequency range:(50/60)±5Hz

Input power factor:>0.95(Add harmonic filter)

Input current limiting:1.25 times the rated current(0.1-1.25 can be set)

Rectifier delay start range:10s(1-300 can be set)

Battery sections number:12V 30 srctions(28,29,31,32 can be choose)

④Output index:

Output rated voltage:380 Vac/400 Vac/415 Vac

Output voltage regulator:±1%

Output voltage trimming:0V(±1V-±5V can be set)

Output frequency accurry:mode:display can be choose

Output power factor:0.9

Output total harmonic distortion:≤2%(resistive load);≤5%(nonlinear load)

Inverter overload capacity:
when it is load <105%,it can work for a long time.
when 105%<load≤110%,turn to bypass output after 60min.
when 110%<load≤125%,turn to bypass output after 10min.
when 125%<load≤150%,turn to bypass output after 1min.
when load>150%,turn to bypass output after 200ms.

3.Application scope

Applicable to:Automated industrial equipment,servers memory,network equipment,ATM,communication equipment, medical equipment,etc.

Applicable  accasions:Large and medium-sized industrie,small and medium-sized data centers,communication room,hospital,office environments,control rooms,laboratories,etc.

Technical highlights:
1.DSP digital processing technology,realizing all digitization of rectifier and inverter converters.
2.Output standard isolation transformer
3.With mixed load capacity
4.Three-phase independent modulation technology allows 100% unbalanced three-phase load
5.Intelligent battery system
6.Modular design,convenient for on-site maintenance

4.Intelligent optional components

SNMP card: It can realize remote network monitoring and support SMS cat.

SMS cat:With SNMP card, when SNMP card detects UPS alarm, SNMP card can control SMS cat to send the alarm content to the specified user's mobile phone.

Short message alarm: The alarm informations of UPS can be automatically sent to the designated user's mobile phone.

Synchronous controller:Realize phase synchronization of output voltage of two independent ups systems.

Parallel components:Change single machine to parallel machine(5 meters parallel machine line)

Battery temperature compensation assembly:It is mainly used to collect the working temperature of external battery pack to adjust the charging voltage of ups host.