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  • Fixture Cleaning Machine
  • Fixture Cleaning Machine
  • Fixture Cleaning Machine
Fixture Cleaning Machine Fixture Cleaning Machine Fixture Cleaning Machine Fixture Cleaning Machine

Fixture Cleaning Machine

1. Basic Specifications

Diameter of rotary table: Φ 1000mm

Cleaning basket specification: 670mm (L) × 670mm(W) × 280mm(H)

Washing liquid tank capacity: 60L (max)

Capacity of rinsing liquid tank: 60L (max)

Optimal liquid usage: 50L * 2pcs

Cleaning method: rotary high-pressure liquid jet

Drying method: high pressure hot air water cutting

Cleaning time: 2-5 minutes

Cleaning solution recovery time: 1-2 minutes

Rinsing time: 1-5 minutes

Rinsing and drying time: 2-5 minutes

Filtration accuracy of cleaning solution: 10 μ m

Rinsing liquid filtration accuracy: 5 μ m 

Liquid heating temperature: room temperature ~ 70 ℃

Noise: less than 60 dB

DI water supply: ≥ 15L / min

DI water pressure: ≤ 0.5MPa

DI water inlet size: G1 / 2 internal thread

Drain size: G1 / 2 internal thread

Vent size: Φ one hundred and twenty-three

Exhaust air volume: 10M ³/ Min

Air supply: 0.45MPa ~ 0.7MPa

Power supply: AC380V 50Hz 60A

Rated power: 15kw (total power: 32kw)

Net weight of machine: ≈ 550Kg

Machine size: 1350mm (L) × 1650mm(W) × 1800mm(H)

2. Equipment Characteristics

1) Rotary cleaning, stable transmission, large rotary table, can be applied to large-scale workpiece cleaning, strong versatility and high cleaning efficiency;
2) Multi directional spray bar and air knife are installed, with good cleaning effect;
3) Cleaning and rinsing online filter design, always ensure the cleanliness of the current liquid, so as to achieve good cleaning effect;
4) The equipment is equipped with filter blockage or pipeline abnormality alarm, which can timely remind the user to replace the filter element;
5) CE certification of the whole machine, the program can be compiled and adjusted according to the operation requirements, and the user-friendly interface;
6) The transparent liquid level display of the liquid tank is convenient for the operator to observe the liquid level and water quality changes at any time;
7) The whole machine is made of high-quality SUS304 material, with strong corrosion resistance and easy maintenance;
8) The chamber is provided with a transparent observation window, which can be seen throughout the cleaning process.
9) High pressure hot air cutting, large air volume high-pressure fan and specially designed high-speed air knife are adopted to effectively improve the drying capacity of small holes, and the equipment has fast drying time and good drying effect;
10) All door panels of the machine are attached with sound insulation cotton to reduce the noise of the fan and improve the working environment;
11) Liquid tank and cleaning room are designed with liquid level sensors to protect the machine from working at normal liquid level and prevent abnormal liquid level;

3. Electrical Control Features

1) The main control box is centrally controlled and placed on the machine operation surface to facilitate the operation control and maintenance of the machine;
2) The machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen automation software, and the operation is more convenient;
3) The alarm prompt and three color light design ensure that the staff can accurately understand the equipment operation status. When the machine is abnormal, the buzzer
Sound and red light flashing;
4) The automatic door of the machine is equipped with a safety grating protection device to avoid some unsafe factors;
5) Automatic PID and analog control algorithm are adopted for heating temperature control, which can strictly control the temperature deviation and make the temperature rise and fall more stable;
6) In addition to the automatic temperature control device, the heating part is equipped with over temperature protection function to prevent damage to the machine in case of accidents;
7) Each motor of the machine is equipped with overload protection function, which can effectively prevent equipment damage under abnormal conditions;
8) When a fault occurs, the machine will give an alarm, and the fault information will be displayed in text on the computer display screen, so as to understand and eliminate the fault in time;

4. Characteristics of Spray Filtration System

1) The nozzle arrangement and pipeline design are reasonable, the spray pressure and flow are uniform, and there is no cleaning blind area;
2) Cleaning, rinsing and online filtering, effectively improving the cleaning quality;
3) Abnormal alarm of filter and pipeline;
4) Quick mounting spray bar, easy to install, disassemble and clean;
5) The spray is equipped with a pressure gauge to facilitate inspection and adjustment of the appropriate spray pressure;
6) The dual filter design not only effectively filters the chemical liquid and the residues in the circulating DI water to prevent clogging of the pump and nozzle, but also greatly improves the use efficiency of the liquid;

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