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  • PCBA Cleaning Machine
  • PCBA Cleaning Machine
  • PCBA Cleaning Machine
PCBA Cleaning Machine PCBA Cleaning Machine PCBA Cleaning Machine PCBA Cleaning Machine

PCBA Cleaning Machine

 1. Basic Specifications

Cleaning area size: 750mm(L)×750mm(W)×40mm(H)  

Equipment appearance dimension: 1700mm(L)×1200mm(W)×2100mm(H)

Power/air supply: three-phase five wire system, 380V/18kw (rated power) / 0.45Mpa-0.7Mpa

Tank capacity: 70L

Spray tank dilution tank heater power: 9KW

Cleaning time: 0-99min (Adjustable)

Cleaning temperature(liquid): about 70 ℃ at normal temperature (Adjustable)

Rinsing time: 1min / time (1-59 times/Adjustable)

Rinsing temperature(DI water): about 70 ℃ at normal temperature (Adjustable)

Drying time:0-99min / (Adjustable)

Cleaning size range setting: 50-750mm

2. Equipment characteristics

1. Full automatic cleaning mode: the screen is tossed up and down, and the spray system sprays the heated cleaning liquid at the same time, so that the screen can be automatically cleaned, rinsed and dried in all directions.

2. Whole process visualization: the visualization window and LED light device make the cleaning process clear at a glance.

3. The most scientific nozzle design (patent): adopt 8 spray arms on the left and right to completely solve the cleaning blind area, and the spray arms and nozzles can be disassembled.

4. Visual nozzle pressure can be adjusted: the problem of collision and splash of small workpiece size under high-pressure spray during cleaning is solved.

5. Photoelectric sensors are installed at the viewing window and the screen entrance to protect personal safety. The standard dilution tank / rinsing tank heating system greatly improves the cleaning efficiency and shortens the cleaning time.

6. Comprehensive cleaning system: compatible with running water cleaning or chemical cleaning, for SMT; The residual organic and inorganic pollutants such as rosin, water-soluble flux, non cleaning flux / solder paste on the surface of tht PCBA after welding shall be thoroughly and effectively cleaned.

7. Body quality:overall 304 stainless steel body, acid resistance, alkaline and other cleaning solutions.

8. Cleaning the built-in filter device can realize the recycling of solvent and reduce the amount of solvent.

9. The solid barrier has the functions of emergency stop button and leakage protection.

10. Lower operating cost: lower equipment investment cost, localized service, team and sufficient spare parts supply.