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Kyoone Intelligent Technology (Dongguan) Co, Ltd. was officially established in 2015. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on ittechnology and specializing in information system integration, serviceand application software development., lt is committed to serving the intelligent production and manufacturing of electronic factories, providing process solutions in the production field, selling production equipment for the purpose of intellectualization, and has a young and experienced technical, R & D and sales team with high technical leveland rich practical experience. Make every effort to ensure customers’stable, safe, efficient, intelligent and continuous production andvalue-added effect, and work together with customers.

Through Asian supply chain output, Kyoone helps customers build factories from A to Z, including technical evaluation, equipment provision, workshop planning, technical support and after-sales service. Kyoone provide one-stop turnkey SMT solution.Kyoone stays with every customer for years by every case.

Kyoone provides overall technical solutions for electronic factory setup, makes rational planning for governments, institutions, associations and participates in industrial technology standards improvement, and as well as share technical ideas with partner.

Kyoone prefers to work with global manufacturer and service providers by ways of investment or acquisition. The business core scope is factories or enterprises in SMT industry chain. Kyoone would like to create a benefit community by bringing the Asian supply chain to partners and assisting partners improvement. 


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Provide SMT machine, DIP machine, Coating equipment, Inspection equipment, Cleaning machine, and other peripheral equipment.


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